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Meet your absolute return oriented peers in the Family Office Community by posting your deals as well as attending Group and One on One presentations - no obligation to invest!

Explore Clean Up Round Investing

Explore the world of low minimum investment "clean up round" investing.   "Clean up round" investing constitute those instances where there is already a seed or anchor investor in a deal that requires additional capital to complete the deal.  As such, the seed or anchor investor offers outsiders the opportunity to invest side by side with his money to raise the balance of the monies or the "clean up round" required to complete the deal.

The Power of Community Investing

Community based investing can allow us all to access and complete unique investment opportunities we would have not be able to do otherwise.  Other advantages of Community based investing can also includes:

Collective wisdom and expertise

Creative deal flow and origination


Transaction Engine Ease

With the power of our InvestNow transaction engine, we facilitate Online investing, Escrow solutions, Registered Transfer Agent and Payment Processing.

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At FamilyOfficeDeals you'll find a welcoming, supportive community that embraces collaboration, alignment of interests with more technologically advanced investment processes. You structure, invest and provide the high quality deal, and we'll provide industry leading tools and support to help you get the balance of your deal fund by likeminded - clean up round investors. Have a look around and get inspired by the comprehensive access to deals and investors our platform provides.

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