FamilyOfficeDeals.com is a advertising portal and co-Investment platform for deals sponsored, seeded/anchor invested by Families.

Exclusively for the family office investment community, FamilyOfficeDeals.com provides the ability to more efficiently raise capital, on a "anchored club deal" + "clean up" round basis.

Via its Family Office specific sponsorship deal origination criteria, FamilyOfficeDeals.com offers deals that are originated, negotiated and initially seed, anchor invested and/or majority invested by family offices themselves.

FamilyOfficeDeals.com connects family office originated and initially seeded deals at typically low investment minimums to better serve as a Co Investment and deal Networking Platform for:

Single Family Offices(SFOs)

Multiple Family Office meembers (MFOs)

Family Office Investments and Funds

Family Office CIOs

non educational Family Foundations and Endowments

Private Banks

CEOs of participating issuer companies

RIAs investing on behalf of their Family Office clients

Absolute Return Oriented Allocators and their end Family Office consulting clients

Born from a need to provide a more efficient way of networking around Co Investment opportunities at lower unit minimum investments, FamilyOfficeDeals.com provides an efficient, scalable platform designed to harness the power of Family Office club deals seeking "clean up rounds" from the Family Office community.

As any "club deals + clean up rounds" are invested on a direct and pari passu basis there is an increased alignment of interests.

In addition to the club deal + clean up round investment format, the Family Office "community" specific approach strives to generate higher quality deals than other deal platforms.

For the overall Family Office community, FamilyOfficeDeals.com is the go to platform for anchored or seeded deals, seeking outside capital to be invested side by side with Family Office investments in a “club” deal/clean up round format. In investing in "club deal" format, FamilyOfficeDeals.com strives to provide for an alignment of interest through lower minimum investment clean-up round tranches as subscribed to by family office participants, in a password protected environment.

FamilyOfficeDeals.com was designed to be a multipurpose deal platform, built to better align Family Office investor interests by providing access to multiple anchored or seeded deals, across different risk profiles, instruments, structures and time frames to raise capital while providing for Family Office + Co Family Office investor relations with the ultimate goal of increased Networking and Co Investment.

In doing so, FamilyOfficeDeals.com strives to create the first dual purpose deal platform dedicated to simultaneously providing deal specific investing in the context of a "face to face" networking oriented platform for the Family Office "deal" originator and anchor investor to present Co Investment opportunities to other Family Offices in a time and informationally efficient manner.

Through our FamilyOfficeDeals.com deal posting pages, Family Office users can post and publish as well as access deal documents in striving to gain a better understanding of investment opportunities and specific capabilities while simultaneously deepening their network within the Family Office community.

Each deal platform on FamilyOfficeDeals.com strives to better match Family Office participants to other like-minded Family Office investors and their deals in what is otherwise a highly fragmented, logistically transaction difficult market place.

The password protected/accredited and institutional investor format strives to create powerful competitive advantages in the ability to make strategic investments.

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