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  1. Deal Origination post partially funded deals seeking a cleanup round on the same terms.
  2. Investors open an account to view and invest in deals.
  3. Deals get funded manually or through our aggregation platform.
We bring you a more efficient model.

By allowing our family office community members to directly co-invest on a pari passu basis in each other's deals, we strive to bring you more immediate access to a wider range of anchor invested deals.  As such, we strive to collectively avoid the cost and complexity of the investment banking system and pass the savings on to you. Both Investors and Deal Originating Family Office members benefit as capital is more efficiently raised across anchored or seeded deals generating more unique access within the Family Office community.  It's that simple.

Better for Deal Originators

Be it a family office seeking operating capital or a family office patriarch with unique access to deals that is seeking only a "cleanup" round of investors, cuts the cost, complexities, and time required to successfully raise capital in striving to pass the access to family office members.

Better for Investors

With you get access to prepackaged deals that already have committed anchor investors that, for it not for's community based networking and co-investment platform, would otherwise may have never been brought to your attention.


Your privacy is protected. strongly protects your personal and financial information. Investors and borrowers never know each other's identities; we will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute your information; and we only share what's necessary to complete your requested transactions. See our Privacy Policy for full details.


We're committed to transparency.

We pride ourselves in sharing information about our deals and deal originators. Additionally, whether you want more information about and its management team, the origination and investing process, news and updates, or help with specific issues, we'll get you the information you need.

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