How to View Deals

Deal Updates

Deal updates serve as your Deal’s blog. They’re a great way to share your progress, post media, and thank your backers. Posting a Deal update automatically sends an email to all your backers with that update. You can choose to make each update public for everyone to see, or reserve it for just your backers to view.

Building Momentum

While your Deal is live and the clock ticking, keep your backers informed and inspired to help you spread the word. Instead of posting a link to your Deal and asking for pledges every day, treat your Deal like a story that is unfolding and update everyone on its progress. “Pics from last night’s show!” or “We found a printer for our book!” with a link to your Deal is engaging and fun for everybody to follow along with.

Sharing the Process

Once your Deal is successfully funded, don’t forget about all the people who helped make it possible. Let backers and spectators watch your Deal come to life by sharing the decisions you make with them, explaining how it feels as your goal becomes a reality, and even asking them for feedback. Keeping backers informed and engaged is an essential part of FamilyOfficeDeals.

Celebrating Success

Sharing reviews, press, and photos from your Deal out in the world — whether its opening night of your play or your book on someone’s bookshelf — is great for everyone involved. The story of your Deal doesn’t end after it gets shipped out. You still have a captivated audience that’s cheering for you. Communicating with them can be one of the most rewarding parts of the process.

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